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Trickle Free Trainers
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Potty training has never been easier and more cost-efficient! From the makers of the best-selling FuzziBunz™ diapers, Mother of Eden has created Trickle-Free Trainers to help parents successfully potty train their toddlers. Each Trainer is made with a colorful outer shell and a soft and comfortable micro-terry cloth inner-layer. The Trainers have six side snaps (three on each side) so you can easily snap off the Trainers when potty accidents occur. In other words, you contain accidents on the spot and effortlessly change your toddler's Trickle-Free Trainers without having to completely undress him. The Trainers also have elastic waist and leg bands, allowing for toddlers to easily pull them up and down like underwear while allowing for maximum comfort and leak protection.

2/4, 4/6 and 6/8

Colors: Blue, Baby Blue, Butter, Pink, Red, White and Yellow

Outer shell: 100% polyurethane laminated outer poly knit

Inner layer: Micro-terry cloth







    16 IN

    5 IN

    17 IN

    12 IN


    17 IN

    5 IN

    18.5 IN

    13 IN


    20 IN

    6 IN

    21.5 IN

    15 IN

 *Sizes are determined in the following way. All measurements taken at resting elastic which means there will be some give in the leg.
 Rise - From bellow button, through crotch, to back waist.
 Sides - The length from side waist to the top of hip where top of pants will ride.
 Waist - the size of waist
 Leg - measured around where the elastic of underwear would fit.
 ** Most important measurement to go by is the waist, Sides and rise.


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